from a dream to reality...       


I’m from a small town and it was a great place to grow up. News and word traveled fast, in which you always wanted to be viewed in a good light. A good reputation insured the positive feedback needed for future growth.


What I do for a living originally was suppose to be a hobby until it thrived. If you’ve ever had something come to you naturally the feeling is very posture straightening. My mechanic’s logic was discovered early on, but taken for granted. Getting a machine working properly is greatly rewarding and always has been. I’m fascinated with the vast variety of timepieces centuries old to present. As a problem solver, every day is different along with our repairs.


What should you expect when you walk in? A helpful informed staff in all corners. There are different areas of expertise and the right people to assist in those areas. Answers will be provided, however, some statements or estimates may take a few days or more. Even though our crew is small, multiple people have completed or graduated from a school of horology. Some members continue their education as timepieces change.


We hope you consider us when looking for clocks, watches, or service or repair on a timepiece as we take our profession very seriously and we will always put the customer first.


  • Robert Good, Owner